Table 1 Germline transmission rates
Injected malesInjected females
chiRNA(s)ssODN donor% (no.) founders% (no.) progeny% (no.) founders% (no.) progeny% (no.) founders yielding targeted event% (no.) overall germline transmission
YE16.4 (3/47)0.23 (5/2128)4.8 (1/21)0.26 (4/1525)100 (4/4)5.9 (4/68)
Y5′, Y3′25 (13/52)1.3 (61/4608)14.3 (5/35)1.5 (35/2421)5.6 (1/18)1.1 (1/87)
Y5′, Y3′+8.6 (3/35)1.0 (24/2336)23.1 (6/26)1.3 (34/2655)22.2 (2/9)3.3 (2/61)
  • Flies injected with Cas9 and the indicated chiRNAs and ssODN template were crossed to yellow (y1) and progeny screened for yellow cuticles. The percentage of injected flies producing one or more yellow progeny (founders) is indicated along with the percentage of total progeny exhibiting yellow cuticle. At least one progeny per founder was sequenced to determine if the targeted event had occurred. The percentage of founders in which the targeted event occurred in one or more progeny is reported, as is the overall germline transmission rate (percentage injected flies yielding expected event).