Table 2 Amplitudes and dates from weighted LD curves for Sardinian using various reference pairs
Ref 1Ref 2Weighted LD amplitudeDate estimate
CEUYRI0.00003192 ± 0.0000090348 ± 10
CHBYRI0.00001738 ± 0.0000067934 ± 8
CEUCHB0.00000873 ± 0.0000045452 ± 21
  • Data are shown from ALDER fits to weighted LD curves computed using Sardinian as the test population and pairs of HapMap CEU, YRI, and CHB as the references. Date estimates are in generations. We omitted chromosome 8 from the analysis because of anomalous long-range LD. Curves Embedded Image were fit for d > 1.2 cM, the extent of LD correlation between Sardinian and CEU computed by ALDER.