Table 2  Comparisons between pairs of populations
Africa–EuropeAfrica–North AmericaEurope–North America
Distance of Nei (with singletons in North America)0.78 (0.66)1.12 (1.38)0.59 (1.15)
Distance of Nei (without singletons in North America)0.69 (0.44)1.01 (0.93)0.53 (0.72)
W1 (private polymorphisms of population 1)22781961214
W2 (private polymorphisms of population 2)363743924
W3 (fixed differences between populations)178689
W4 (shared polymorphisms between poulations)647990809
  • The first two lines denote mean and variance (in parentheses) of Nei’s distance, and lines 3 to 6 the observed classes of the JSFS.