Table 5  Mean (rel), mean squared relationships (Embedded Image), and mean of top 10 relationships (Embedded Image) in matrices A and G of validation to reference individuals in generations 6, 8 and 10 of simulated data
pBVrel AgBVrel AgBVrel GpBV Embedded ImageAgBV Embedded ImageAgBV Embedded ImageGEmbedded ImageAEmbedded ImageAEmbedded ImageG
Gen 60.01850.0185−0.00060.00130.00130.00130.27440.27440.2671
Gen 80.01850.0185−0.00350.00060.00060.00060.13820.13820.1216
Gen 100.01850.0185−0.00490.00040.00040.00040.07100.07100.0654
Embedded Image0.
  • Embedded Image is coefficient of determination from regressing correlations of breeding values (pedigree, pBV; and genomic, gBV) and true breeding values in bins of similarly related individuals onto the respective relationship measure. Gen, generation.