Table 2  sacy-1, spr-5, and twk-1 are epistatic to kin-1
GenotypeaFertile/total gonad armsNumber of animals screened
sacy-1(tn1385) kin-1(ok338)10/101105
spr-5(by134) kin-1(ok338)12/121600
twk-1(tn1397) kin-1(ok338)11/111297
  • a Epistasis tests were conducted in the respective double mutant backgrounds by analyzing genetic mosaics with losses of the kin-1(+)-rescuing array in the somatic gonad lineage. Genetic mosaics were sought in animals bearing the tnEx109[kin-1(+) sur-5::gfp] extrachromosomal array. The genotype refers to the somatic cells of a gonad arm in the genetic mosaics.