Table 1 Parameters and prior distributions
ParameterDescriptionPrior distribution
θanc,lScaled ancestral mutation rate at locus l, 4NeuEmbedded Imagea
Embedded ImageMean across loci of θanc,l (on log10-scale)Embedded Image
Embedded ImageStandard deviation across loci of θanc,l (on log10-scale)Embedded Image-uniform in [0.01, 1]
ωProportion of mature males with access to matingsω ∼ log10-uniform in [0.01, 1]
Embedded ImagebForward migration rate per year from deme i to deme jEmbedded Image-uniform in [10−3.5, 10−0.5]
  • a N(μ, σ2), normal distribution with mean μ and variance σ2.

  • b Although migration rates are not estimated here, they are drawn from the prior in all simulations (see main text).