Tips for effective development and implementation of a hybrid course

Maximize student engagement
 1. Align online lectures and in-class activities with the course learning goals.
 2. Keep the online lectures short (15–20 min).
 3. Post online lectures at least 2 days prior to the in-class activity.
 4. Use clickers to assess whether students have achieved the learning objectives associated with the online lectures and follow challenging questions with peer discussion.
 5. Use in-class group work to extend the students’ conceptual understanding of the material and to address students’ misconceptions.
 6. Hold students accountable for material in the online lectures and in-class activities on summative assessments.
Minimize instructor input
 1. Create slides and record lecture using PowerPoint.
 2. Use online lectures with a subset of the class periods.
 3. Choose topics from less rapidly evolving fields so the same presentation or a minimally modified presentation can be used for multiple years.