Table 1  Chromosome segregation in Incenpmyc
GenotypeTotalNondisjunction (%)
Bwinscy/+; ial1689/+8330.0
Bwinscy/+; ial168979126.0
Incenpmyc/+; sub1/+386420.1
Incenpmyc/+; Incenp−/+324610.4
FM7/+; Incenpmyc/301123.9
  • Females carrying ial1689 were crossed to C(1:Y)1, y v f B:y+; C(4)RM, ci eyR males. In ial1689 homozygotes, fourth-chromosome nondisjunction was not detected. The Incenp transgene (P{UASP:Incenpmyc}) was expressed using the nanos-GAL4:VP16 driver and the indicated females were crossed to y w/BSY males.