Table D1  Results from individually based simulations for the fixation of a neutral mutant allele are given for the population behaviors illustrated in Figure D1
Ey[R] (% error)Vary[R] (% error)Ey[T]
a: Logistic growth1.001 (−0.338)0.294 (−1.268)625.6
b: Discontinuous jump0.995 (0.248)0.291 (−0.294)479.2
c: Variable0.978 (2.027)0.272 (6.658)361.1
d: Constant0.993 (0.453)0.280 (3.348)397.2
e: Logistic decay0.990 (0.770)0.292 (−0.593)268.8
  • The initial population size was 100 in all cases, and other parameters are given in the Figure D1 legend. The initial frequency of the mutant allele was y = 1/200 and 106 replicate populations were simulated for each of the five behaviors illustrated in Figure D1. The expectations and variances given are estimates from the simulations. For the mean and variance of R, the percentage errors, given in parentheses, are the errors of the diffusion results (given in Equations C8 and C10), relative to the simulation results.