Table 7 Direct effects of meQTL
TraitsWeek 1+io0.82
Week 2+do+do+ioa5.15
weaningWeek 3+do+io2.59
Week 4+do+do+io3.54
Week 5+do+io+io3.34
Week 6+do0.81
Week 7im+io1.81
Week 8im+io1.84
Week 9im+io2.10
Week 10+ao+io1.67
  • The effects on each of the 10 weekly weight measurements are given for each locus. Significance tests are in LPR units (where LPR = −log10[p]). Entries in boldface type are significant using the chromosome-level significance threshold. The estimates of all effects and the significance values for all tests are provided in Table S1 and genomic locations in Table 4. The proportions of phenotypic variance accounted for by the set of loci (R2) on each of the weekly weight traits are also included.

  • a Significant using the genome-wide threshold.