Table 2  “Horse race” Ks comparisons
“Horse race” Ks comparisonsCountsP-value (χ2-test)
I-At > II-At11910.489
I-At < II-At1225
II-At > III-At22560.004*
II-At < III-At2067
I-At > III-At16780.027
I-At < III-At1809
  • The distances of two B. rapa genes to the A. thaliana reference gene can be compared to each other. For example, 1191 of “I-At > II-At” means that among all the I, II comparisons, 1191 of them showed a higher Ks value of the gene in subgenome I than the gene in subgenome II. *P-value significant at α < 0.01. At, A. thaliana.