Table 1 Runtime of REM, FastMap, and PLINK on the entire inbred mouse hypothalamus eQTL data
No. resamplingsREM (Pt = 0.01)REM (Pt = 0.05)REM (Pt = 1)FastMapPLINK
1,0002.3 min4.6 min13 min1.2 hr21 days
10,0000.3 hr0.7 hr2 hr10 hr211 days
100,0002.8 hr6.7 hr0.9 day4 days5.8 yr
1 million1.2 days2.8 days8.6 days40 days58 yr
  • The data set contains 150,000 SNPs and 3600 gene expression traits over 32 strains. The runtimes >10 days are estimated from smaller-scale experiments.