Table 4 Comparison between recombination events detected by high-throughput sequencing or by SNP microarrays
Type of eventArrayHTSArrayHTS
Crossovers with no detectable conversion tracts0000
Crossovers with 3:1 or 1:3 conversion tracts0020
Crossovers with 4:0 or 0:4 conversion tracts1000
Crossovers with hybrid conversion tracts0111
Crossovers with complex conversion tracts1168
3:1 or 1:3 conversion tracts without crossovers1089
4:0 or 0:4 conversion tracts without crossovers1154
Hybrid conversion tracts without crossovers0187
Complex conversion tracts without crossovers1215
 Total recombination events563235
  • This table includes data from two UV-induced sectored colonies and two sectored colonies induced by γ-radiation that were analyzed by both SNP arrays and HTS. Both selected recombination events on chromosome V and unselected events on other chromosomes are included. All conversion events unassociated with LOH were unselected.