Table 2 Summary of all crossovers diagnosed by SNP microarray
Types of reciprocal crossoversSelectedUnselectedSelectedUnselectedSelectedUnselected
No detectable conversions200000
3:1 or 1:3 conversions200102
4:0 or 0:4 conversions101000
Hybrid conversionsa102320
Complex conversions704015
 Total crossovers1307437
  • In this table, we summarize data from selected crossovers and associated conversion events on the left arm of chromosome V as well as unselected crossovers and associated conversions on other chromosomes. For this table, the data obtained with high-throughput DNA sequencing were not used.

  • a 3:1/4:0, 3:1/4:0/3:1, 1:3/0:4, or 1:3/0:4/1:3 conversion events.