Table 5 Genetic interactions of ppa and ypa mutants with PP2A regulatory subunit mutations
Wild typeCold sensitive at 19°No phenotypeWeak cold sensitive
ypa1−ΔPhenotype of par1−Δ: reduced restrictive temperaturePhenotype of ypa1−Δ: no additive effectPhenotype of pab1−Δ and cold sensitivity of ypa1−Δ at 19°
ypa2−ΔStrong negative interactionPhenotype of ypa2−Δ: no additive effectStrong negative interaction
ppa1−Δpar1−Δ phenotype: no negative interactionWild-type cellsPhenotype of pab1−Δ: no negative interaction
ppa2−ΔPhenotype of par1−Δ: strong negative interactionppa2−Δ phenotypePhenotype of pab1−Δ: strong negative interaction
  • Double mutants of the PP2A regulator subunit null alleles indicated at the top of the table were made with the ppa and ypa mutants indicated. Crosses were analyzed by tetrad dissection and replica plating: spores were initially allowed to form colonies at 32°.