Table 1  Resources for overexpression screens
Saccharomyces  cerevisiaeLEU2 vector  with genomic fragmentsSystematicGenomic fragments containing ∼5  untagged ORFs per plasmid;  endogenous promoter; ∼99%  functional coverage; requires  subcloning to identify  responsible geneJones et al. (2008),  Hvorecny and Prelich (2010)
S. cerevisiaeLEU2 vector  individual ORFs,  endogenous promoterSystematicIndividual untagged ORFs  expressed from endogenous  promoter; barcoded; ∼80%  functional coverageMagtanong et al. (2011)
S. cerevisiaeGAL1p-GST-6His-ORFSystematicIndividual tagged ORFs  expressed from inducible  GAL1 promoter; ∼80%  functional coverageZhu et al. (2001)
S. cerevisiaeLEU2; genomic fragmentsRandomOne of multiple classic  random genomic fragment librariesCarlson and Botstein (1982)
Schizosaccharomyces  pombeSPLE-2 adh-LEU2RandomOne of multiple size-selected cDNA  libraries; driven by constitutive adh  promoterJanoo et al. (2001)
Drosophila  melanogasterEP transposon element  insertion collectionSystematic3700 line collection assembled from  random EP insertions; expression from  GalUASStaudt et al. (2005)
Arabidopsis thalianaFOX hunting systemSystematic∼10,000 full-length cDNAs expressed from CaMV 35S promoterIchikawa et al. (2006)
A. thalianapPCVICEn4HPTT-DNA vectorRandomUsed for random insertional activation- tagging mutagenesis; integration  activates adjacent gene from  CaMV 35S promoterHayashi et al. (1992)
Homo sapiensFull-length human cDNAs (OriGene)Systematic∼15,000 clone cDNA collection;  CMV promoterLiu et al. (2007)