Table 3 

Statistical analysis of autosomal haplotype reconstructions for 141 DO samples

G4 (n = 94)G5 (n = 47)
% homozygosity (identity by state)60.560.21.661.160.91.6
% heterozygosity (identity by state)39.539.81.638.939.11.6
% homozygosity (identity by founder)
% heterozygosity (identity by founder)90.790.81.889.889.82.1
Deviation of founder balance (%)
Proportion of each state (%)
Recombinations per sample223.8223.014.5235.0234.519.5
Distance between recomb. (Mb)9.96.610.
Distance between recomb. (cM)
SNPs between recomb.30.320.031.228.919.029.7
  • Samples have been divided into generations 4 and 5. Rows to be compared with the simulation results in Table 4 are set in bolded italics.