Table 1 

Summary of nomenclature

Model componentDescriptionModel variablesImpliesa
BInbred penaltyβinbred
aStrain-specific additiveEmbedded Image
bStrain-specific inbredEmbedded ImageB
mStrain-specific maternalEmbedded Image
vStrain-specific symmetricEmbedded Image
wStrain-specific asymmetricEmbedded Imagev
SSex effect (female advantage)βfemale
BsFemale inbred penaltyβfemale.inbredB, S
asStrain-specific female additiveEmbedded Imagea, S
bsStrain-specific female dominanceEmbedded Imageb, Bs
msStrain-specific female maternalEmbedded ImageM, S
vsStrain-specific female symmetricEmbedded Imagev, S
wsStrain-specific female asymmetricEmbedded Imagew, S
OνOutlier modelEmbedded Image
(residual error)Individual variationEmbedded Image
  • a Components that would normally be included with this component (defined recursively).