Table 4 Relative rates of recombination to mutation based on sister-group genomes
Sister genomesOutgroup genomesRepliconsSNP density (%)MutaRecbRec/mut
118a-72aAmerican and Europeancp26c0.081771.0
Main chr0.1392035642.78
156a-297American and Europeancp26c0.23313251.92
Main chrNAdNAdNAdNAd
ZS7-Bol26No European strainscp26c0.043800
Main chr0.088544730.134
ZS7-Bol26With European strainscp26c0.034242.0
Main chr0.0901394613.31
Average (SD) (ZS7-Bol26/no European strains results excluded)2.72 (1.20)
  • chr, chromosome.

  • a Number of point mutations between sister genomes. These SNPs are unique.

  • b Number of SNPs between sister genomes due to recombination. These SNPs occur in outgroup genomes as well (i.e., homoplasies). Consecutive SNPs sharing the same phylogenetic pattern were counted as a single gene-conversion event.

  • c On cp26, the guaA, ospC, and bbb22 genes were excluded because of uncertainties in counting overlapping gene-conversion events.

  • d Data not available because the main chromosome of 297 is not sequenced.