Table 3  Transmission frequencies of male gametes in reciprocal test crosses between NILEFS+S24 and Nipponbare
Numbers of male gametes, classified using marker genotypes
Cross combinationmS2-imS2-imS2-jmS2-j
♀/ ♂mE4-imE4-jmE4-imE4-jTotalx2 for 1:1:1:1
Nipponbare / NILEFS+S241417117494.47 NS
NILEFS+S24 / Nipponbare128159442.72 NS
  • NS, not significant. The male gamete genotypes were determined by genotyping the F1 progeny using the mS2 marker (linked to the S24 locus) and the mE4 marker (linked to the EFS locus). The numbers in parentheses are the transmission frequencies (%).