Spore viabilities and genetic map distances of csm4Δ and csm4-3 mutants in the presence and absence of rad17Δ, spo11-HA, spo11-HA/yf, and pch2Δ mutations

Cumulative distance for indicated chromosome (cM)
Strain% spore viability (n)XVIIIVIIVIII
EAY1108/EAY1112 derived strains
WTa97 (1068)101
csm4Δa65 (531)146
csm4-388 (238)126
rad17Δ33 (100)ND
csm4Δ rad17Δ1 (40)ND
csm4-3 rad17Δ3 (120)ND
pch2Δb98 (1015)152
csm4Δ pch2Δ31 (200)ND
csm4-3 pch2Δ56 (300)167
NH942/NH943 derived strains
WTa90 (491)416346
csm4Δa60 (559)439054
csm4-377 (180)5110257
spo11-HA/yfc76 (60)297149
csm4Δ spo11-HA/yf39 (200)NDNDND
csm4-3 spo11-HA/yf63 (300)337552
  • Spore viabilities and cumulative map distances were determined from tetrad data (Table S2 and Table S3). The number of tetrads dissected (n) to determine map distances is shown.

  • a Map distance and SV data from Wanat et al. (2008).

  • b Map distance and spore viability data from Zanders and Alani (2009).

  • c Map distance data from Martini et al. (2006).