Regulation of pr1 by c1 and r1 during purple anthocyanin synthesis in the kernel aleurone: number of kernels on test-cross ears with specific aleurone color

c1 allelePurple (1)Colorless (1)P-value χ2r1 allelePurple (1)Colorless (1)P-value χ2
c1-MGS131036 (c1 R1-g b1 pl1)4464750.34r1-MGS167054 (r1-g C1 b1 pl1)4664470.53
c1-MGS14633 (c1 R1-r B1 Pl1)4304500.50r1-MGS14638 (r1-r C1 B1 Pl1)2903250.16
  • χ2 analysis was performed to detect significant deviation (P < 0.01) of observed phenotypic classes from expected.