Combinations of PCR primers used to determine allele structures

Target sequence/PCR primersP1-rr11P1-rr910
3′ Ac junction/pair 1P1-2415f and Ac4436f9D9A5537f and Ac4436f
5′ Ac junction/pair 2Ac120r and P1-2915rAc120r and P1-7061r
3′ fAc junction/pair 3P1-15588f and Ac4436fP1-15588f and Ac4436f
5′ fAc junction/pair 4Ac2680f and PP1′Ac2680f and PP1′
Fused Ds ends/pair 5Ac120r and Ac4436fAc120r and Ac4436f
ITS rearrangement/pair 6P1-2915r and P1-15588fP1-7061r and P1-15588f