Testcross values of the parental lines and the two segregating populations

TraitParentsConventional F3LHRF-F3
F2 × MBS847F252 × MBS847MeansMinMaxH2aCIbMeansMinMaxH2aCIb
DGY (tons ha−1)9.469.399.167.8510.490.810.77–0.849.097.9210.140.730.68–0.77
GM (%)33.1629.6132.1329.0534.560.820.79–0.8531.8029.0433.870.830.80–0.85
SD (days)207.32210.25209.98204.14212.560.840.81–0.86209.14204.98212.920.860.84–0.88
  • Least square means of the parental lines, means, minimal (min), and maximal (max) values for genotypes of the two segregating populations and trait heritabilities for dry grain yield (DGY), grain moisture at harvest (GM), and silking date (SD) evaluated in 10 trials.

  • a Broad sense heritability.

  • b Confidence interval (95%) of broad sense heritability.