Equilibrium neutrality vs. selection in equilibrium populations

Model parameterPerformanceSFSF*ωω*SVM
α = 500TP (FP = 0.03)0.850.970.130.140.9
α = 500Median distance (bp) from target (SD)1728 (5597)754 (1333)528 (480)540 (525)
α = 2500TP (FP = 0)0.970.990.820.850.98
α = 2500Median distance (bp) from target (SD)5383 (4509)4582 (3905)789 (657)794 (680)
  • Using the SVM approach a false positive rate (FP) is estimated. For this FP rate, the true positive rates (TP) of the various neutrality tests are compared. The median distance and the standard deviation (SD) are also shown. SF, original SweepFinder; SF*, modified SweepFinder; ω, ω algorithm with constant-size windows; ω*, ω algorithm with variable-size windows.