Genetic interaction between JIL-1 and Su(var)3-7 alleles

CrossGenotypes (no. of adult flies)% of expected ratioa
JIL-1z2/TM6 × JIL-1z2/TM6JIL-1z2/TM6 596JIL-1z2/JIL-1z2 00.0
JIL-1z2/TM6 × JIL-1z2 Su(var)3-77.1A/TM6JIL-1z2/TM6 or JIL-1z2 Su(var)3-7.1A/TM6 531JIL-1z2/JIL-1z2 Su(var)3-77.1A 20182.5
JIL-1z2/TM6 × JIL-1z2 Su(var)3-714/TM6JIL-1z2/TM6 or JIL-1z2 Su(var)3-714/TM 478JIL-1z2/JIL-1z2 Su(var)3-714 18583.7
JIL-1z2/TM6 × JIL-1z2 Su(var)3-7R2a8/TM6JIL-1z2/TM6 or JIL-1z2 Su(var)3-7R2a8/TM6 359JIL-1z2/JIL-1z2 Su(var)3-7R2a8 9763.8
  • a In these crosses, the TM6 chromosome was identified by the Stubble marker. Consequently, the experimental genotypes could be distinguished from balanced heterozygotic flies by the absence of the Stubble marker. The expected Mendelian ratio of non-Stubble to Stubble flies was 1:2 since TM6/TM6 is embryonic lethal. The percentage of expected genotypic ratios was calculated as: observed non-Stubble flies × 300/total observed flies.