Comparison of likely positively selected codons identified by site-specific model M8 BEB and REL analyses in ran-like

Positively selected codons
CodonM8 BEB probabilityREL Bayes factor
48 N0.911572.1
49 H0.955558.1
58 V0.81052.2
81 I0.74853.1
92 T0.78554.2
93 A0.913598.3
94 K0.82553.1
95 A0.958469.5
131 S0.939583.9
140 R0.960467.6
200 F0.9853574.9
202 D0.888443.9
207 Y0.84255.3
215 F0.921389.1
  • Codons that had Bayes empirical Bayes (BEB) posterior probabilities ≥0.95 or a Bayes factor ≥50 were included in the results. Boldface values represent sites identified with statistical significance by either method. Codon number and amino acids are relative to D. simulans full-length protein.