Insertion sites of Tol2 mutant mice determined by LM-PCR

P14 (antisense)149,321,731ForwardIntron 1Spsb1
P34 (antisense)82,676,582ForwardIntron 1Frem1
P42 (sense)81,668,570ReverseIntron 1Genscan (chr2.2184)
P114 (sense)80,310,156ReverseIntron 2Genscan (chr4.1618)
P124 (antisense)77,685,735ForwardIntron 1Ptprd
4 (antisense)79,767,224ReverseIntron 1Genscan (chr4.1615)
P134 (sense)83,280,695ForwardIntron 94930473A06Rik
P214 (antisense)19,256,333ReverseIntron 3Cngb3
P224 (sense)82,155,840ReverseIntron 1ENSMUST00000107242
P314 (antisense)67,486,359ForwardIntron 1Genscan (chr4.1455)
P324 (antisense)82,185,396ForwardIntron 1ENSMUST00000107242
4 (sense)83,156,841ReverseIntron 3Genscan (chr4.1693)
P419 (sense)72,633,548ForwardIntrons 1 and 2Geneid (chr9_1002.1) (intron 1) and Genscan (chr9.1859) (intron 2)
4 (antisense)114,078,095NANANo hit
8 (antisense)119,728,252Reverse3′ UTRGan
4 (sense)73,014,137NANANo hit
4 (antisense)85,501,198NANANo hit
P429 (sense)59,976,098ReverseIntron 1Thsd4
P434 (antisense)80,795,688ForwardIntron 2Genscan (chr4.1632)
P444 (antisense)76,539,339Forward5′ UTRPtprd
P514 (sense)80,705,908NANANo hit
P524 (sense)30,130,911ForwardIntron 2Genscan (chr4.489)
4 (sense)74,978,412ReverseIntron 5Genscan (chr4.1567)
P614 (sense)92,693,121NANANo hit
4 (sense)84,477,942ForwardIntron 1Genscan (chr4.1749)
P624 (sense)82,475,177ReverseIntron 6Zdhhc21
P634 (sense)23,737,385NANANo hit
4 (antisense)80,123,586NANANo hit
P644 (sense)80,723,012NANANo hit
P714 (antisense)83,024,904NANANo hit
P724 (sense)82,952,822ReverseIntron 11810054D07Rik
4 (sense)82,864,737NANANo hit
P734 (sense)81,065,963ReverseIntron 2Mpdz
4 (sense)83,658,567ReverseIntrons 2 and 6Geneid (chr4_836.1) (intron 6) and Genscan (chr4.1721) (intron 2)
P8117 (antisense)12,574,740ReverseIntron 1Plg
8 (antisense)114,139,946ReverseIntron 2Znrf1
4 (sense)83,944,253ReverseIntron 4Bnc2
2 (antisense)163,329,586ForwardIntron 10610008F07Rik
P824 (sense)81,595,326ForwardIntron 5Geneid (chr4_806.1)
4 (antisense)82,858,532NANANo hit
4 (sense)72,117,443NANANo hit
P914 (antisense)105,565,911NANANo hit
4 (antisense)77,566,224ForwardIntron 2Ptprd
P924 (sense)120,476,482ReverseIntron 2Nfyc
2 (sense)69,877,242ForwardIntron 1Myo3b
P1014 (sense)123,574,651ForwardIntrons 1 and 2Geneid (chr4_1412.1) (intron 1) and Genscan (chr4.2795) (intron 2)
P1024 (sense)82,853,172NANANo hit
P1114 (antisense)92,397,000ForwardIntron 2Genscan (chr4.1983)
P1124 (antisense)82,732,864ForwardIntron 8Genscan (chr4.1686)
P11315 (sense)99,591,033ReverseIntron 1Lass5
4 (sense)147,816,776ReverseIntron 1Ubiad1
P1224 (antisense)86,313,024ForwardIntron 4Adfp
4 (antisense)88,286,798ForwardIntron 3Geneid (chr4_897.1)
4 (antisense)86,277,623ForwardIntrons 1 and 2Geneid (chr4_871.1) (intron 2) and Genscan (chr4.1796) (intron 1)
P1244 (sense)82,880,214ReverseIntron 161810054D07Rik
P1254 (antisense)55,614,638ReverseIntron 1Genscan (chr4.1169)
P12610 (sense)44,965,890NANANo hit
P1274 (sense)56,932,688ReverseIntron 6D730040F13Rik
P1314 (sense)97,278,480ForwardIntron 1Nfia
4 (antisense)81,227,474ReverseIntron 2Geneid (chr4_804.1)
P1324 (antisense)83,070,100ReverseIntron 2Snapc3
P1424 (sense)77,625,308ReverseIntron 1Ptprd
4 (sense)83,716,853ReverseIntrons 2 and 3Geneid (chr4_836.1) (intron 2) and Genscan (chr4.1723) (intron 3)
4 (antisense)78,768,184ForwardIntron 2Genscan (chr4.1607)
P1434 (antisense)85,513,289NANANo hit
  • Line, Tol2 mutant mice from seed mouse bred with wild-type FVB/N female mice; chromosome, chromosomal insertion of Tol2 transposon vector in either the sense or antisense strand; position, chromosomal position of the first endogenous sequence just after the right Tol2 transposon direct repeat flanking sequence; orientation, insertional orientation of Tol2 transposon vector relative to the transcribed gene indicated; insertion, transposon vector insertion site within the gene of interest; gene, the name of annotated gene, EST, or predicted gene, as determined by UCSC Genome Informatics Site ( NA, not applicable since no genes were hit; no hit, transposon insertion in a locus with no annotated or predicted genes.