Most prominent PGL-1 phenotypes associated with each gene class

Gene class (Table 1 code)GenesbMost common PGL-1 phenotype in class
Cell cycle/polarity/cell division(C)air-1, bir-1, cdc-25.1, cdc-42, cdk-1, cdk-9, cyk-4, dhc-1, dnc-1, dom-6, egg-3, gsk-3, ify-1, let-99, mbk-2, nmy-2, par-1, par-2, par-5, par-6, plk-1, spd-5, sqv-6, tbb-2, tbg-1, zen-4, zyg-9, F22B5.10Low PGL-1 level, likely caused by segregation defects in early F1 embryos
Proteasome/ubiquitin(P/U)Proteasome: pas-4, pas-5, pbs-1, pbs-3, pbs-4, pbs-5, pbs-6, pbs-7, rpn-1, rpn-3, rpn-11, rpt-1, rpt-3, rpt-5. Ubiquitin: apc-2, elc-1, fbxa-81, fbxb-51, fbxb-60, let-70, mel-26, uba-1, ubl-1Diffuse PGL-1 in F1 embryos
Ribosome(R)egl-45, eif-3.f, rpl-12, rpl-18, rpl-20, rpl-36, rps-0, rps-3, rps-5, rps-8c, rps-9, rps-20, rps-22, rps-24Low PGL-1 in F1 embryos
Splicing(S)cpf-2, mag-1, phi-6, phi-7, phi-10, phi-12, prp-8, rnp-4, rsp-7, skp-1, snr-2, C06A5.1High PGL-1 in P0 germ lines and F1 embryos
Nuclear pore/envelope/transport(N)dlc-1, imb-4, imb-5c, lmn-1, npp-6, npp-7, npp-9, npp-10, npp-20, ran-1, ran-4PGL-1 granules not associated with the nuclear envelope, and PGL-1 diffuse in the cytoplasm of P cells
MCM licensing(M)mcm-2, mcm-4, mcm-5, mcm-6, mcm-7Diffuse PGL-1 in the cytoplasm of P cells; associated with severe embryonic defects
Vacuole(V)unc-32, vha-2, vha-13, vha-19, vps-11Low PGL-1 in F1 embryos
Chaperonin containing TCP-1 (CCT)(T)cct-2, cct-3, cct-7, cct-8cLow and diffuse PGL-1 in F1 embryos
Golgi/ER(G)arl-1, scp-1, B0361.10, F59E10.3Low PGL-1 in F1 embryos
Othera59 genes
Unknown8 genes
  • a Groups with fewer than three genes not shown.

  • b Genes in boldface type exhibit the most common PGL-1 phenotype in their class (described in right column).

  • c Genes represented multiple times in the screen.