Summary of notation

f, FDistribution of final gap δf
KCarrying capacity
LNo. of loci
pDistribution of phenotypic effects of new mutations
qDistribution of fitness effects of new mutations
RTransition density for distribution of initial gap ρ(δi)
sSelection coefficient
uMutation rate per locus
vSpeed of the optimum
zoptOptimal phenotype at a given time
zmaxMaximal value of zopt in some simulations
αPhenotypic effect of mutation (step size)
γComposite parameter relating ecological and genetic factors (v/[σθ])
δPhenotypic gap (zzopt)
δi“Initial” phenotypic gap before an adaptive step
δf“Final” phenotypic gap before an adaptive step
ΘPopulation and trait-wide mutation rate (2KLu)
μMean effect of positive new mutations
ρDistribution of initial gap δi
σStrength of selection
ϕDistribution of phenotypic effects of adaptive substitutions
χDistribution of fitness effects of adaptive substitutions
Ψ“Selective sieve”
ΨsStatic part of selective sieve
ΨdDynamic part of selective sieve
ωStandard deviation of distribution of new mutations p(α)
  • α and v are generally measured in units of ω, and σ is measured in units of 1/ω2. The unscaled counterparts are marked by a tilde (e.g., Embedded Image).