Properties of intragenic suppressors separated from the original C-terminal lesion

Strain no. NCMSuppressorLocation in sequenceDoubling timea (min)
4584Y32STM 160
4529V116LbTM 350
4585V116FbTM 350
4583L119PbTM 350
4696A120PLoop 3160c
4694V166MTM 550
4684R185HLoop 5160c
4685V314ITM 10160c
  • a Values for wild type and AmtBΔC-term are 50 and 110, respectively.

  • b [14C]MA uptake values for V116L, V116F, and L119P were 120%, 120%, and 100% of wild type, respectively. [14C]MA uptake for wild type was 100 pmol/(ml × OD600 × min).

  • c Doubling time gradually increases as Embedded Image in medium decreases (see Figure 3).