Molecular lesions in stl alleles

Allele nameAmino acid alterationStl-A isoform residue no.Stl-B isoform residue no.Stl-C isoform residue no.
stlwu40G → SNA169214
stlawk26Q → stopNA101146
T → I99NA (truncated)NA (truncated)
stlph57Q → stop520821866
stlpa49W → stop206507552
stla16H → Y145446491
D → E76610671112
A → T78210831128
  • The locations of protein sequence changes in each of the stl alleles are shown (numbers refer to their isoform-specific positions). Since the phenotypic severity of each of the five mutant alleles is equivalent to that of the deletion (i.e., stl/stl = stl/Df), they can all be classified as null alleles.