Comparison of nominal associations in accessions and MAGIC lines

ATMYB33 p119++
CO p347+++++
FES1 p1877+++
FLC p2775 and p3312+++++
FLC p6809+
FRI p725++
GA1 p7762++++
GA1 p8429+++
HOS1 p1176 and p5516+
LD p258+
PHYD p3094++++
PIE p898+
RGL2 p2115++
TFL2 p1199++
TFL2 p1346+
VIN3 p2942++++
VIN3-L 4961++
VIN3-L p5026++
  • Plus (+) indicates an observed nominally significant association. HtSNPs in boldface were nominally associated in both populations for at least one trait. Positions correspond to the positions in the multiple sequence alignments in File S1. HtSNPs in the same gene that had identical patterns of association were collapsed into a single row.