Information regarding htSNPs with associations at FDR ≤ 0.1

TraitHtSNPNaMAFR2b2ac2a/σPdTrait associations (P ≤ 0.01)eP-valueQ-value
LD-FTCO p3472650.410.063.620.5630.000010.00187
CO p7952550.260.095.320.7830.000010.00187
GAI p3582150.010.1224.13.5330.000010.00187
VIN3-L p50261590.070.0913.241.9410.00010.01555
FLC p68092680.090.044.880.7110.00080.07775
VIN3 p29422700.
GI p52412690.090.034.560.6710.00120.07997
FLC p33122630.
FES1 p12232670.390.032.840.4240.00190.0933
FES1 p11772700.
LD-RLNCO p7952550.
  • a Number of accessions with phenotype data that were also successfully genotyped.

  • b The partial R2 for the htSNP effect in a model also including Q.

  • c The difference between the two homozygous genotypes in the model also including Q.

  • d The difference between the two homozygous genotypes scaled by the standard deviation of the phenotype.

  • e The number of other traits that the SNP was associated with at the nominal P ≤ 0.01 level.