Parameter notations with their corresponding scaled name

uPer-nucleotide, per-generation mutation rate
gGeneration time in years
NeEffective population size of the human population
THCτHC = THCu/2/Ne/gHuman–chimpanzee speciation time
THCGτHCG = THCGu/2/Ne/gHC–gorilla speciation time
NHCθHC = NHCu/2/NeHC effective ancestral population size
NHCGθHCG = NHCGu/2/NeHCG effective ancestral population size
rρ = r/uPer nucleotide, per generation, recombination rate (per mutation for the scaled version)
  • HC and HCG: human–chimpanzee and human–chimpanzee–gorilla ancestral populations.