Short-range LOH and chromosome-level events observed for strains from in vivo and in vitro experiments

EventChromosomeDescriptionHost IDStrain
In vivo experiments
ChrRWhole-chromosome LOHE63(3)aAF617
ChrRWhole-chromosome LOHA22(15)AF3976
ChrRWhole-chromosome trisomyA22(15)AF3977
Chr2BIR,b 11 contiguous lociB22(8)AF21
Chr2Whole-chromosome LOHA22(15)AF3990
Chr2Whole-chromosome trisomyB63(9)AF540
LOHRSingle LOH at 1694/2254A22(15)AF656
LOHRSingle LOH at 1645/2358A63(8)AF121
LOH1Single LOH at 2347/2406A53(4)AF42
LOH1Single LOH at 1916/2198A53(4)AF51
LOH1Single LOH at 2347/2406B63(9)AF160
LOH1Single LOH at CPH1B63(9)AF540
LOH1Single LOH at 2080/2297B63(9)AF169
LOH2Single LOH at 1760/2185C63(5)AF194
LOH3Single LOH at 2095/2215A63(8)AF122
LOH3Single LOH at 1629/1863B63(9)AF157
LOH4LOH (three continuous loci)C63(5)AF558
LOH4Single LOH at 2101/2204C63(5)AF558
LOH6Single LOH at 1372/2355B53(5)AF72
LOH6Single LOH at 1372/2355B63(9)AF148
LOH7Single LOH at 6.1345B22(8)AF22
LOHUnknownSingle LOH at B5B7A22(15)AF3990
In vitro experiments
LOH2Single LOH at 1775/2077AF7-8
LOH2Single LOH at 1179/2238AF7-14
LOH2Single LOH at 2184/2321AF7-16
LOH3Single LOH at 1629/1863AF7-3
LOH3Single LOH at 2195/2207AF7-7
LOH3Single LOH at 1629/1863AF7-17
LOH4Single LOH at 2004/2043AF7-12
  • a Number of strains analyzed per mouse in parentheses.

  • b BIR, break-induced replication.