Details of plant materials used

TaxonGenome designationAccessionPloidy levelLocation of origin
G. arboreumA2AKA-8401DiploidAfrica
G. raimondiiD5JfwDiploidPeru
G. arboreum × G. raimondii(A2 × D5)NADiploidLaboratory
G. hirsutumAD1cv. MaxxaTetraploidMexico/Central America
G. arboreum × G. davidsonii2(A2 × D3)NATetraploidLaboratory
  • The natural allotetraploid (G. hirsutum) was derived from hybridization, 1–2 MYA, between diploid A- and D-genome species most similar to the modern species G. arboreum and G. raimondii. The cytoplasmic donor of G. hirsutum is its A-genome parent and thus the F1 cross was created in the same direction, with A2 as the maternal parent. The synthetic allotetraploid was created by crossing A2 and D3 diploid parents followed by genome doubling through colchicine treatment.