Molecular mapping of genomic events

Deletion sets
wy+w+ywy+w+ywy+w+ywy+w+ywy+w+yTotal (%)
Total genomic events161165215233371895010664
Events sequenced13753164153ND13ND368445 (67)
Mapping class
Candidate deletions9447119127ND9ND314350 (78.9)
Elsewhere in genome112161621039 (8.8)
Events confined to P{wHy}0247101217 (3.8)
Multiple events3008121217 (3.8)
Insertion into repeats0007600013 (2.9)
Other000720009 (2)
  • Elsewhere in genome, deletion endpoint found in region unrelated to starting site; multiple events, hobo appears in multiple copies; ND, no data. 01D01 w+y and 01 D09 wy+ deletion sets have been presented in Huet et al. (2002) and are shown here for comparison.