Posterior means (standard deviations) of variance components for yield in wheat and body-mass index in mice, and of Embedded Image for each of the models, by data set

Embedded ImageEmbedded ImageEmbedded ImageEmbedded Image
WheatP0.561 (0.058)0.294 (0.056)
M0.546 (0.046)19.33 (2.43)
P&M0.410 (0.055)0.139 (0.046)18.32 (2.86)
MiceP0.754 (0.038)0.092 (0.041)0.156 (0.030)
M0.741 (0.037)0.153 (0.026)223.84 (25.78)
P&M0.723 (0.032)0.021 (0.009)0.153 (0.026)217.90 (26.26)
  • P, infinitesimal models using pedigree; M, model including regressions on markers, but not pedigree information; P&M, model including an infinitesimal additive effect and regressions on markers; Embedded Image, Embedded Image, Embedded Image, and Embedded Image, residual variance, variance of the infinitesimal additive effect, variance of cage-effects, and smoothing parameter of the BL regression, respectively.