Principal component analysis of behavior of F2 animals in the glove test

Attacks (count)−0.43
Boxing posture (duration)−0.36
Escapes (count)−0.32
Flights (count)−0.39
Screaming (duration)−0.38
Freezing (duration)0.46−0.36
Move and leave (count)−0.42−0.61
Squeaks (count)−0.350.31
Approaches (count)−0.43
Tolerate handling (duration)0.410.50
Tolerate touch (duration)0.46
% variance261511
  • The loadings shown for the respective principal components (PCs) indicate the degree to which a trait contributes to the respective PC. Only PCs that explain ≥10% of the variance and loadings with absolute values ≥0.3 are shown.