Traits measured in F2 animals

TraitUnitNo. F2Higher trait valueComments
Glove test700
    ApproachCountTameNo. of occurrences
    AttackCountAggressiveNo. of occurrences
    EscapeCountAggressiveNo. of occurrences
    FlightCountAggressiveNo. of occurrences
    Move and leaveCountTameNo. of occurrences
    SqueakCountAggressiveNo. of occurrences
    Tolerate handlingsecTameDuration
    Tolerate touchsecTameDuration
Open field test689
    Time spent in center%Tame
    Time spent in corner%Aggressive
    Time spent moving%Tame
    Time spent rearingsecTame
    Locomotion speedcm/secTame
    Fecal boliCount
Light–dark test690
    Time spent in light compartment%Tame
    Time spent moving%
    Time spent rearingsecTame
    Locomotion speed in light compartmentcm/sec
    Fecal boliCount
Startle response test700
    Startle responsegAggressiveMean startle response across 10 trials
    Body weightg700
    Adrenal gland weightg664Aggressive
    Heart weightg669
    Kidney weightg669Tame
    Lung weightg668
    Spleen weightg668Tame
    Testis weightg321
    White coat spottingYes/no573Tame
Serum traits638
    Serum protein
        Total proteing/literAggressive
  • ALAT, alanine aminotransferase; AP, alkaline phosphatase; ASAT, aspartate aminotransferase; fT3, free triiodthyronine; fT4, free thyroxine.