Average nucleotide divergence for protein-coding genes between D. pulex and five of its congeners

D. arenata0.009980.003450.000020.000020.00100.0016
D. pulicaria0.003420.003800.000030.00002−0.01200.0080
D. obtusa0.063380.020850.001410.001380.01630.0222
D. ambigua0.122050.008250.005700.005700.05010.0476
D. magna0.399280.053620.010930.010930.03160.0285
D. mendotae0.218030.039030.002950.002950.01150.0131
  • Ka, number of nonsynonymous substitutions per nonsynonymous site; Ks, number of synonymous substitutions per synonymous site. For both Ka and Ks, mean within-species diversity (averaged between the two species being compared) was subtracted from raw estimates of divergence to get the net divergence between species.