Tajima's D values for comparisons of π and θ

Obs. mean DSim. mean DDsim < Dobs (%)a
D. arenata0.202−0.02072
D. pulex−0.286−0.07429
D. pulicaria−0.145−0.07143
D. obtusa−0.765−0.0753*
D. ambigua0.141−0.08364
D. magna0.059−0.07158
D. mendotae−0.172−0.06645
  • Significance was based on 10,000 coalescent simulations. Values reported for D. arenata, D. pulex, D. pulicaria, and D. obtusa are based on six loci. Values reported for D. ambigua, D. magna, and D. mendotae are based on two loci. *Significant.

  • a Percentage of 10,000 independent standard coalescent simulations that generated a more extreme mean Tajima's D.