Summary statistics of recombination and linkage disequilibrium estimates in D. magna and D. pulex

D. magnaEif2γ120.0160.27****0.260.440.180.01
D. magnaEno320.0250.27****
D. magnaGapdh0000.32****0.300.26−0.030.65
D. magnaGot000.0020.21****0.310.370.060.18
D. magnaLdh000.0010.39****0.360.500.150.055
D. magnaMpi220.4400.11****0.160.03−0.130.98
D. magnaPgi20310.0170.02****
D. magnaUsp340.0150.17****0.250.330.080.10
D. pulexEif2γ340.0400.07****
D. pulexEol550.2890.03****
D. pulexGapdh110.0110.12****0.100.05−0.050.73
D. pulexGot000.0080.10****0.200.330.130.10
D. pulexLdh340.0130.08****0.280.300.020.37
D. pulexMpi110.039−
D. pulexPgi19250.2070.03****
D. magnaAverage3.65.10.0640.
D. pulexAverage4.65.70.0870.
  • ****P < 0.0001.

  • a Rm, minimum number of recombination events (Hudson and Kaplan, using pseudohaplotypes).

  • b Rmin, minimum number of recombination events (Recmin, using pseudohaplotypes).

  • c IAS, LD summary statistics (LIAN).

  • d Zns, average r2.

  • e Za, average r2 between adjacent polymorphic sites.

  • f ZZ = ZaZns, tested with coalescence simulations in DnaSP.