List of the 19 collection sites of the samples used in this study from Europe and North America

D. magnaBE1Leuven, Belgium50°52′N04°41′E
D. magnaCA1Churchill, MB, Canada58°46′N94°11′W
D. magnaCZ1Sedlec, Czech Republic48°46.52′N16°43.41′E
D. magnaFI1Tvärminne, Finland59°49.43′N23°15.15′E
D. magnaFI2Aland, Finland60°01.30′N19°54.15′E
D. magnaGE1Kniphagen, Germany54°10.45′N10°47.3′E
D. magnaGE2Ismaning, Germany48°12.2′N11°41′E
D. magnaHU1Jaraspuszta, Hungary46°48′N19°08′E
D. magnaUK1Cumnor, UK51°43.9′N01°20.4′W
D. magnaUK2Leitholm, UK55°42.15′N02°20.43′W
D. pulexBW102Busey Woods, Urbana, IL40°07′N88°12′W
D. pulexCC1Creswell Court, OR43°55.5′N123°01′W
D. pulexDISP14Disputed Road, LaSalle, ON, Canada42°13′N83°02′W
D. pulexEB1Eloise Butler, Minneapolis44°58.5′N93°19.5′W
D. pulexFATFatties, St-Alexis-des-Monts, QC, Canada46°25.40′N73°13.44′W
D. pulexPA32Portland Arch, Fountain, IN40°13′N87°20′W
D. pulexLP8Long Point, ON, Canada42°34′N80°15′W
D. pulexMARMarion Road, Saline, MI42°08.5′N83°48.5′W
D. parvulaA60Acton Lake, OH39°57.23′N84°74.78′W
  • a Strains result from a single individual isolated from the wild population, which is subsequently clonally propagated in the lab.