Poisson-calculated parameter estimates under nested likelihood models of breed formation and wild canid population history

Contraction at fixed time (d.f. = 1)Contraction at unknown time (d.f. = 2)
Breed/wild canid populationτ = fixedω = variedP-valueτ = variedω = variedP-value
Akita1000.0126.74 × 10−8920.0110.96
Bernese mountain dog1000.00607560.0390.77
Golden retriever1000.0114.72 × 10−10920.010.99
Labrador retriever1000.011.03 × 10−103670.0350.83
Alaskan wolf970.0530.61
Israeli wolf10,7960.250.002
Spanish wolf2270.0280.014
Yellowstone wolf160.0450.99
  • See Table 2 for description of parameters. P-values were calculated from a likelihood-ratio test, where a P-value <0.05 indicates the alternative model fits the data better than the previous model. Null model: τ = ∞ and ω =1.