Pairwise alignment of Sir1 orthologs and paralogs

S cer Sir1S kud Sir1S bay Sir1S cas Sir1S kud Kos1S bay Kos1S kud Kos2S bay Kos2S bay Kos3S cas Kos3aS cas Kos3bZ rou Kos3
S par Sir1776761232222212223212223
S mik Sir1676361212322212221222223
S kud Sir163
S bay Sir15866
S cas Sir1222424
S kud Kos122212223
S bay Kos12321222465
S kud Kos2182021222121
S bay Kos222202121262562
S bay Kos32519212122221920
S bay Kos3a252123212420192137
S cas Kos3b25202321242119213798
Z rou Kos32221262221222021292926
S cas Kos4242325242626242322232323
  • Sequence identity and similarity of Sir1 orthologs and Kos paralogs. All Sir1 family members from S. cerevisiae, S. kudriavzevii, S. bayanus, S. castellii, and Z. rouxii were aligned by BLASTp. Numbers shown represent percentage of identity. Sequences with identity >50% are in boldface type and between 26% and 29% are in italics.