Viability of homozygous progeny from crosses between heterozygous egg parents in wild-type and Su(var)3-906 backgrounds

% of expected female progeny with this genotype% of expected male progeny with this genotype
egg147357.6 (27/142)**2.1 (1/141)**
egg1473/Df(2R)Dll-MP68.6 (43/190)*13.3 (7/159)**
egg235/Df(2R)Dll-MP89.2 (43/146)27.8 (9/98)**
egg1473;Su(var)3-90697.1 (33/103)11.4 (4/106)**
  • dSETDB1(egg) mutant viability expressed as percentage of expected progeny homozygous for the indicated dSETDB1 allele, or carrying that allele over a deficiency, by comparison with heterozygous siblings. *Significant deviation from expected ratio (P < 0.01); **significant deviation from expected ratio (P < 0.001).