Viability of H3K9 methyltransferase knockdown mutants and combinations

% of expected female progeny with this genotype% of expected male progeny with this genotype
dSETDB1KD65.2 (62/190)*32.4 (35/216)*
dG9aKD100 (53/96)100 (46/86)
dG9aKD;dSETDB1KD32.7 (46/562)*0 (0/369)*
dSETDB1KD;Su(var)3-90689.3 (123/551)30.4 (28/368)*
dG9aKD;Su(var)3-906100 (74/247)100 (47/188)
  • Viability of HMT double mutants (KD) compared to single-mutant siblings. Survival of double mutants is expressed as percentage of expected survival, with respect to single-mutant siblings carrying the CyO balancer chromosome rather than the Act5CGAL4 transgene hairpin driver, assuming normal Mendelian ratios. Control crosses were performed to normalize for any lethality effects associated with the balancer chromosome itself. Hairpin lines carrying constructs dSETDB1hp2101B and dG9ahp1002 were used for the single gene knockdown and dG9ahp2201 and dSETDB1hp2101B for the dG9a/dSETDB1 double knockdown. For combination with the Su(var)3-906 mutation, dG9ahp2201 and dSETDB1hp0408 were used. *Significant deviation from expected ratio (P < 0.001).