Parameter estimates of the MIM model for the rice data

Backcross to
Embedded Imagea6.176.31
Embedded Imageb0.17380.1481
Embedded Imageb0.44490.4192
Embedded Imagec0.2711
Embedded Image0.2014
Embedded Image0.0258
Embedded Image0.0218
Embedded Image0.0221
R2 (%)d60.9464.67
  • a μj is mean of the model for backcross j (tons/hectare).

  • b Embedded Image and Embedded Image are residual and phenotypic variances in (tons/hectare)2 for backcross j, respectively.

  • c Embedded Image is variance in (tons/hectare)2 explained by the regression coefficients of the genetic effects in the model and decomposed in parts due to α, β, γ, and δ.

  • d Embedded Image is coefficient of determination.